A Guy Harsh Words For Amir Liaquat And His Show


This man has always managed to be in the limelight for extreme reasons. Hosting the live transmission of GEO TV on account of Ramadan, Aamir Liaquat Hussain is all over the channel as a full time entertainer. Here is a clip in which you can see how bluntly a man has recorded a clip and have used hard words for him. See this clip and make sure to leave out your comment.

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  • Aamir Solangi

    Very Good! Bro

  • NM

    In my opinion…Aamir Liaquat is most damaging person in media.

  • Amy

    that’s just sad what is being aired!we are totally forgetting our beautiful culture, tehzeeb and religion.where’s PEMRA now?parents need to teach and guide their children better or our society will be destroyed

  • Waqar Asghar

    behind amir liaquat show success there are two things….literacy and poverty in pakistan
    ….other wise as a person …… his character…… appearance in the show….. all is like a third class comedian

  • Z .Viqas

    brave man telling the truth !!Amir Liaquat is a disgrace

  • Rao Haris Mehmood

    bhai ap ny Amir liaquat ko to bol diya Fahad mustafa ki bhi to yhi harkaten hn usi koi kch ni bol rha

  • Rao Haris Mehmood

    Meri nazar main fahad mustafa amir liaquat ze bara kameena ha