A Topless Girl in F10 Markaz Islamabad Fighting With a Man

At F-10 Markaz Islamabad a drama was seen by locals when a girl entered in an ATM behind a guy, the girl was topless and was demanding 50 thousand rupees from guy. The guy refused and said that he don’t even know her. She started following him (naked) in market and then at the end started throwing stones at his car (Mercedes ), while she was throwing stones at the guy’s car and the guy was trying to stop her another guy went to the victim guy and asked for keys so that he may park the car at some other place, victim guy gave him the keys while he was engaged with her. The other guy started car and disappeared from location and as soon as that guy disappeared in victim’s car the girl sat in a taxi and went away. so guys beware! it seems another group is in action

Video 1

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