A Unique Way Of Training Pets

In this video, a young Chinese girl is training her pets by scaring them. Apparently the two dogs are standing with their backs towards the wall and are scared because the girl is threatening and scolding them. Both the dogs are very horrified and they are not even moving. The black dog is standing still and not even moving while the white one is a little mischievous. The girl has a plastic stick in her hand and she hits it on the ground to scare the two dogs. She even touched the dogs with the sticks to show that even they can be her target. After a few minutes of torture the black dog who is standing still, falls down and curls up because he is really exhausted and tired. Is this the way to treat your pets? Pets are very loyal to people, they are the companions of your life which is why they should not be treated in such a way. Dogs are a man’s best friend. If they would be treated in a terrifying way then how would they be loyal to you. Watch the video and see for yourself. Do not forget to comment.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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