Actress Noor Got Embarrassed

In Wasi Shah’s show, Mustafa Khar famous politician and Noor the famous actress were invited. Both of them were having a very friendly discussion when suddenly Wasi Shah asked a question from Noor. The question was not asked to create an awkward situation. The question was that what is the political affiliation of Noor? She replied on the spot saying that i like Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif. Mustafa Khar humorously asked that by chance you like both of the brothers? Noor became conscious and started giving explanations that atleast PMLN does something, they have made lahore a Paris and what not. MUstafa Khar replied by saying that if this discussion is started then you will lose. She was very embarassed she put fingers on her ears and said i support them because my father did now please stop. Watch for yourself.


Written By: Moomal Hassan

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