Allah Wont Forgive 4 Types of People

Maulana Tariq Jameel described four types of people who would not be forgiven in the holy month of Ramzan. Among those four types of men and women the first types are the ones who drink alcohol because alcohol is prohibited in Islam. The second type of people are those who do not obey their parents. Maulana said that the punishment of disobeying parents is very harsh and it continues from this world and goes till the world hereafter. The third type of people are those who fight with their relatives all the time. The fourth type of people are those who hold grudges for any person and plan to tease him or seek revenge. In all four cases if a person asks for forgiveness by saying tauba and means it then he will be forgiven.


Written by: moomal hassan.

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  • Hassam AB Shooter

    this is ture

  • sajid

    allah moaaf farmaye ameen

  • muslim

    The first one is molana tariq himself! for sure.


      Aisoon ko bhi muaf nahi karey ga jo barair kisi proof k doosroon per ilzaam laga dain yaani main aap ki baat kar rahi hoon.

      • Khalid Bajwa

        Exactly… Allahka farman ha jiska mafhoom ye k agr koi kisi muslim par asi bat ka ilzam lgay jo us ny na ki ho means buhtan lgay,to uska thikana dozakh ha.

    • MadFox

      fatway lgany waali machine chup hoja..
      ye ALLAH ka kaam ha kisy maaf kery kissy choray …

      • Talha Mobeen

        hey hey hold it do U really know what U are saying I mean are U really in your senses.
        Matlab din may aap puri namaz nahi pahr pate aur woh shaks jis ki badolat logon ko Islam ka Ilm (knowledge) farham hoti hai who the hell are U to accuse him. Just look at you guts.
        And for your kind information at the beginning he said that if any one has this clause in him so he must ask for forgiveness Allah to jese chahe maaf kar de even the greatest scholar dont have this knowledge but Maulana Tariq Jameel has just narrated those serious sins from which only a handful of people get forgiveness and others may not so he is warning us from attempting any of these or if have done so ask forgiveness.
        Please think upon it and care for what U speak.

        • MadFox

          i didn’t said anything about molana i replied to the comment …