Amir Liaquat Insulted CEO ARY live

Recently axact is facing a strict scandal regarding spreading fake degrees and also using the names of other international universities in a wrong way. Amir Liaquat was also accused of having fake degrees and also his wife is accused for having fake degree of Belford University. ARY news wanted to take the views of Amir Liaquat regarding this scandal but little did they know that he would be outraged. He started shouting at ARY and denied all the accusations. He said that people are making a scene out of it. He said i have a lot of degrees from Urdu University and my wife is also highly educated. She is a lawyer, an Islamic scholar and she has also done her MA as well. She does not need the MBBS degree at all. He said that ARY was his previous working organization and he also had family terms with Salman Iqbal and Haji Iqbal who are the owners of ARY. He said he did not expect such unprofessional attitude from ARY. Watch the video and see his reaction. It was indeed surprising.



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