Amir Liaquat making fun of Imran Khan

Amir Liaquat was openly making fun of Imran Khan who is the chairman of a huge political party of Pakistan. As we all know, there is a huge political divide that Pakistan is facing these days. Some people support PTI and some support other political parties mainly PmlN. Amir Liaquat created a clear bias by using fun comments against the political scenario and the common slogan “Go Nawaz Go”. In my opinion if we do not support the Tabdeeli then whe do not have to right to criticize the peaceful protest. Do enlighten with your feedback.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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  • Sufyan Ahmad Cheema

    great AMIR liaqat PMLN ZINDABAD

  • Noor Fatima

    fazool insan k fazool batein or main ne to kesi ko eggs ya tomatoes throw karte nahi dekha is slogan pe …fake man k fake comments…..duffer

    • Khalid Bajwa

      Han na isny khwab dekha ho ga…