An illiterate man in Madina Reading Quran

In a morning show Quttab, a very famous religious scholar explained a story which was true. It happened once that there was ths gathering in which people had to recite Quran. Everyone there was Arabic and they knew how to recite Quran. One of those people was not Arabic and in other words, he was “Ajmi”. He did not knew how to read Arabic but to refrain from being insulted, he placed his finger on the holy book and then started saying one sentence repeatedly; “Allah mene teri maani”. This means that whatever Allah says is my command. He repeatedly said this sentence and in a few minutes a revelation was passed which in common words is known as “wahi” in which Allah said that due to the strong Imaan of the Ajmi everyone in this gathering’s complete talawat is accepted. SubhanAllah, this is known as the main pillar of Ramzan. Ramzan is all about strengthening your imaan. If this target is achieved then this is the best you can do in this month of blessings. Watch the video and have a happy Ramzan.



Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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