Another Clip Of Zara Yaad Kar Best Lines By Khalil Ur Rehman


The most philosophical drama this summer is enjoying to earn decent TRPs for its storyline and character description. Zara Yaad Kar, being on aired on Tuesday, is a hot chunk of discussion which is making sure to keep the viewers attached to the story. Here is a clip taken from the serial.

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  • barcelona

    how stupid ,a women insulting other women for nothing ,just for separating from her husband.

  • abidkha

    sepret hona koi buri bat nehein leken jistrah wo karrehei hei wo theak nehein isliye uski mann jo khuch karrehe hei sehei karrehei hei.akher khandani waqar bhi tu koi chez hei or aik aisie shaks keliye apna ghar tabah karna mere khiyal mein she deserve it.