Ayyan Ali Talks after 4 months Silence

Finally Model Ayyan Ali broke the layer of silence today. She shouted for her basic rights in front of the officials and said that i was quiet for four months because i thought that i will get justice. She further said that i have been placed in a negative media trial and i do not know the reason behind it. My money is legal but still i am not allowed to have bail. She even said that after bail i would not run away but at least i would be able to resume my work. This is the peak time of my career and my future depends on it. She demanded for justice and also gave the example of people who are involved in 16 to 24 crore money laundering but still they get the option of bail but she is specifically being targeted. She also said that if this continues her career would end which is why she needs justice. Her decision is postponed till 13 July. Lets see what happens next.



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