Behind The Camera Scenes Of Wrong Number

Wrong Number is an upcoming comedy film of Yasir Nawaz. He claims that this film is about to be the biggest hit and people of Pakistan will forget Bollywood after watching this movie. This video is about the behind the camera scenes on the set of Wrong Number. Javed Sheikh, Danish Taimoor, Nadeem Jaffrey, Sohai Abro, Danish Nawaz and many other actors are a part of the cast and crew. It shows the fun and the masti these actors have. It also shows the dedication and hard work that has been used to make the film what it is. Watching such videos show us what actually happens behind the screen. Actually what we see is the final product. There is a whole new world behind it. A film is the fruit of a whole lot of hard work and many days and sleepless nights. Watch the video and see what you feel.



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