Best Natural Remedy For Dry Skin

The skin gets very dry in the winters which can cause irritation, itching and other skin problems. It is difficult for women to apply make-up on their faces too if the skin is dry and patchy. The expert on the show Bilquees Apa told the viewers about an excellent way to keep the skin naturally hydrated during the winters. This mask will not only keep the skin hydrated but it will also cleanse it. In order to make mask that is to be applied on the face and any other areas where you feel the need to apply it, you need only these two things:

1 tablespoon Black seeds (kalonji)

Yogurt or milk for base (depending on what suits the skin) as much as needed to cover the areas you want to use it on.

Soak the black seeds in yogurt or milk for a little while, blend the mixture and apply this mixture to the face. You should keep this mixture on your face for the entire night. If your knuckles are dark you can apply the mixture on the knuckles too. In the morning do not wash your face with soap but only plain water. After washing the face with water, spray with rose water.

This is a tried and tested way of cleansing and hydrating the skin if followed regularly.

Watch the video to make things even more clear:

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