Blooper Alert What Happened Behind The Scene Of Sanam Jung Dilwale Promo



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  • BehanLog

    1 : ;( Very SAD nonsense …Why do humtv have to promote hindi Movies and Pakistan should not show indian Movies in cinemas. !!!??
    2. : I have heard that Sanam SAD earlier That she would never hold hands of a male co-actor and absolutely not hug anyone
    3: why is she hugging him ?
    Anyone Agree ? I ve seen only The part in the beginning of the full interview

    • Zain

      behen log when u get ur answers to bhai log ko bhi bata daina .. đŸ˜€

      • BehanLog

        Are mujhe to khud answer chahye isi liye pocha tha …..! Zain Bhai ap hi apni rai bta dein ? Aur Agar ap “Bhai log” ho to ap bhi apni Id change kar lein ? Lolxx đŸ™‚

      • BehanLog

        Haan Jii parhe lein logoon Ki soch is Page par…..ap ne janab manga tha is liye jeh info de rehi hon ….acha Jii Sukrya

    • Khan Shynzay

      So sad to see Sanam doing all this shit! Why is she promoting Indian movies? wearing no Doopatta ..

      • BehanLog

        Tnx K.S for so Good thoughts I really appreciate IT

  • Khan Shynzay

    Wish she was not doing this So sad to see Sanam doing all this shit! Why is she promoting Indian movies? wearing no Doopatta, standing so close to a vulgar man

  • Wallis

    I have travelled to many countries but I haven’t seen such bayghairat and hopeless anchors of Pakistan anywhere who are dying for these Indian celebrities.

    I have seen shows of Shahista Lodhi who took interviews of many Indian actors and actresses in her show and she was introducing them in a such a way and praising them so much bus carpet bicha kar welcome karney ke dair theh. She even welcomes and praises those Indian actors who have just started their career in Bollywood.

    When Sania Mirza visited Pakistan with Shoaib Malik ,stupid people of Lahore started dancing and welcome her but she didn’t even show a smile on her face and neither she waved her hand once.

    When stupid people of Pakistan called her “BAHOO OF PAKISTAN” ,she said in reply : I HAVE MARRIED SHOAIB MALIK,NOT PAKISTAN”.

    • Bomb Pakistan

      Soooooooooo. True u taken my words absolutely right ! These stupid anchor needs onlyyyyy fame and money they don’t no the valueeeee of there mother!!!

  • barcelona