Can a woman Apply Makeup in Roza, Ulema Answering Question

In a very popular ramzan transmission, an Ulema replied to a question which was that can women apply makeup while fasting. This question was answered in a way that there is no effect of makeup on fasting. There is an effect on wuzu because the thick layer of makeup doesnot allow the water to pass through the skin. Another question was that does nail polish effect. He replied that nail polish doesn’t allow wuzu and that is the only reason why while fasting nail polish is prohibited. Nail Polish doesn’t allow the water to pass through the nails. Another question was that is tooth paste allowed while fasting. He replied that no that is not allowed because it can be swallowed as well and another reason is that there is also a chance of bleeding gums which can cause problems while fasting. These are very important points that need to be known while ramzan. Watch the video and comment below.



Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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