Fahad Mustafa Stars in the Most Expensive Pakistani Ad

The advertising concept has opened up great market for money but here comes the most expensive ad of Pakistan, in which you will be able to see Fahad Mustafa. Check out this clip and share your views.

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  • Atif Shahzad kiyani

    in this ad one more this addition is necessary then its will be better ad. when fahad runs to the vehicle get rid of gangsters then for his vehicle must be need to start immediately due to good battery and runs away from gangsters, When gangsters start their vehicle then did not start due to weakness of battery.

  • ibrahim

    ager yeh ad ise tarah hota kay ise main gangster behi garehi mai baithe kar unkay peechey jatey howei garehi start kartey lakin gari ganster waloon ki start na hoti bad battery ki waja sey aur fahad ki gari quickly start ho kay run karti achi battery ki waja sey tu kaisa taha aur fahad waley impression gangster waley daitey aur fahad aur larki joy ka impression daitey.