Famous Pakistani Tv Channel Cross All Limits

Watch Exclusive Clip Famous Pakistani Tv Channel Cross All Limits

While the audience acceptef the existence of foreign content getting on air in Pakistan,the media has again given a new piece of thought to the viewers. The current clip from the drama on a famous channel has crossed all the limits and has shown a lip-lock scene on screen. This would be the first time in the history of Pakistani drama industry where such a scene has not been censored and is taken life.

As a Pakistani, we condemn the act. Please share yout views about it.

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  • Umar Awan

    Istakhferullah! ARY ny apni Birthday per khub kaam kiya… we should stand against this action. Its Islamic country not any other.

    • Rukhsana Khan

      OMG!!! what the hell

  • Umar Awan

    what the hell is this

  • rabia

    Very bad.we have to protest against ARY .shame on ARY zindagi.not only ARY we have to raise our voice against all those channels who r telecasts shamefull scene on t.v tell all of them this is pak Pakistan not India

    • fatima

      its disgusting………….
      its the time………….we should protest against vulgarity……………:-

      • Muhammad Irfan


      • <<>>

        koi error nazar aya scene me kya ??? secondly ,,,aap yahan mango lene aaen agr dekha ni ,,,jb k u kno the title…….


        aapk jawab ka munt muntazir..jawab…PC ba-qalam khud!1

        • fatima

          ap mango apny pas rkhen………..:-
          agr baat krny ki tameez nhi to q khud ko zehmat dety hn ap…….

          • Darick

            Hello Fatima

          • fatima


          • Akhtar Hussain Chughtai

            u said right

          • fatima


          • <<>>

            mango to nahee ha chocolate khani ha ??? meethee hoti ha wese..kbhi khaye ha ??

          • bitter Ch0late

            0ye sastay prince choclate biscuit<< Choclate bitter v honde e

          • fatima

            lgta hy apko pehli bar naseeb hui hy
            so pls ap hi khao……….. :-p

          • bitter Ch0late

            na na ede expired te galeesare Ch0cletan de d0kan je

          • fatima

            thts good
            to b ap hi khaen

          • bitter Ch0late

            expiry ch0clate khaoon??behan sadee te reham karo.

          • fatima

            lgta hy apko kisi ny free mein d ho gi ye expiry chocolate……..LOL

          • bitter Ch0late

            Ah0o Aho0 Prince choclate biscuit n menu expiry choclate diti c par aasee aydi choclatan kooray daan vch sott ditian c dasu hn?

          • fatima

            acha kiya…….

          • fatima

            EID MUBARAK………….

          • bitter Ch0late

            behan tuanu v eid mubarkan

          • <<>>

            naseebo lal apko pasand hogee ,ujhe to nahe ha

          • <<>>

            naseeb to apna apna ..but ap ne to shayad suni b ni thee pehle…thnx kero bta diya k kesi hoti ha,,,,

      • Light Shines

        Yes indeed.

    • sohail

      Yes you are right rabia

    • Umer


  • muslimah

    ban ARY boycott it

  • Aloo Baigan

    Aap log sab apnay kam say kam kyoon nahi rakh saktay. Agar aap logo ko nahi dekhna tu na dekhain.

    • Junaid Juni

      agr sab apne kam se kam rekhte tu aj deen hum tk na phnch pata………..PLz Think ablout it

  • Nauman Khan

    Very Bad… boycott it….

  • Sijawal Malik

    Alas… ! in this moment our Pakistani Channel,,…
    very shameful i protest against ARY, I protest against in this drama serial, ARY zindigi you r rascal, you are all bitch, you r all joker…I have no more discuss in this clip and i told u that “Allah is one and seen is everything” simple is that Ban in this channel and Boycott it..We all stand against in this channel because this is ISLAMIC country nor a American country, nor a Indian Country and nor a another Country.
    I can say producer, maker, designer, cameraman, actor, actress and all those people who watch this channel “as you sow shall you reap”

  • Adnaan

    duniya ki sari gunah aur galat kaam pakistan me hota hai islamic country ka dakhosla kyn

  • kinza

    Oooooooooooooooo Aloooooooooooooooo baigan tum bhi lagta hai in ki trah bht besharm ho bure ko bura khna sikho kia ye sb family mein beth kar dekha ja sakta hai shame on ARY Zindagi.

  • Nasar Ahmed

    stop all other country dramas on air in Pakistan right now.

  • Unaib Qaiser

    i dont know why we behave like this…Indian movies are more vulgar than this..but we watch them like its our duty..we watch english movies..and when this channel shows this kissing scene..we all go against it..I think its ok..This scene is nothing compare to vulgarity that we see openly and secretly..we all know

    • Permoon moona

      There should b a difference between whats right and what’s wrong.if we would eliminate it.then it’s not good.so we should not show such things

      • Unaib Qaiser

        Whats right and whats wrong..its controversial..We are not allowed to capture our photos in Islam,but we do it..Girls are not allowed to go out without covering their self fully except eyes,but mostly we dont do it,Girls are not allowed to talk to a boy alone,but we do it…As i said its controversial..I think we should model our country on Turkey.Turkey has same history as our present..Their were people Who were islam extremist..but Mustafa kamal changed the trend..Now its freedom in Turkey..You will see Girls in Burkah and Girls In skirt standing next to each other..But thats the true freedom..

        • Permoon moona

          Well still there r limits.

          • Unaib Qaiser

            And who defines limits?

          • Permoon moona

            Allah has defined.zahir hay.

          • Unaib Qaiser

            Then Allah has defined ,to wear Burqa,To dont talk to boys alone,to dont capture photos,etc…And capturing picture is haram.its not a small mistake..And all of our molvi sahibaans are also doing it..Allah has defined the limits..Capturing picture is worse than this kiss according to islam.Then why?

          • Unaib Qaiser

            Sorry..Capturing photos and Kissing is the same in Islam..Both are haram..then why this difference between them

          • Permoon moona

            Well.ur point s r right.but still there r a lot of buts

          • Seerat Rizvi

            I think you don’t have enough knowledge about Islam !! You need to see back !!

          • Unaib

            Well you didnt answer my question seerat rizvi..Music,Pictures are also haram..and they are also played on TV..Why this difference between Haraam things?Try to give a logical answer..Dont put lame excuses

          • snow white

            Totally agree.

          • Siera Zaigham

            Who said taking photos is worse than kissing openly? Can u all stop arguing? That’s why us muslims are in this state…no unity! What Allah has ordered haram will always be haram. We all make mistakes and we need to try and do as much good as we can. Media plays a big part in our lives and in the lives of our future generations. We need to stop shameless acts that will bring more corruption to our existing and future generations and bring our morals back according to the quran and sunnah. No one is perfect but we can at least try and work towards perfection!

          • green apple

            unaib qaiser ap kis cheez ki favor main itni lambi tamheeeeeden band rhe hain
            agar log privacy main kuch ghalat dekhte hain to wo unka or ALLAH Ka muamla hai..
            kam az kam itni sharm to hai abi hmare logon main k wo sb k samne nhi dekhte
            haan hm mante hain k bht se kaam hm ISLAM K mutabq nhi krte jb k hme poore ka poora shariyat k dhanche main dhal jana chahiye lekin iska ye hargiz matlb nhi k hm behyai ko Aam hone den
            gets it !!!
            b sensible
            and i strongly protest against this vulgarity !!!!!!!

          • Candle

            Agree wid u GP….

          • green apple

            thanks candle:-)
            by th way ….
            can i ask ur name?

          • More Lively

            Brother i believe u don’t have the knowledge or sight of ISLAM it is the most easiest religion of the world to follow and when u talk about taking picture is not allowed in Islam Please come up with the reference and also with the vail concept too. Because the things u are taking have nothing to with islam. It is most lenient religion to act on . Because ALLAH says ” May tum say TumHary Guman Kay mutaik salook karoon ga” Not what Unaib Qaise is saying

          • snow white

            Yea we should all.

          • Malik Farhat Abbas


        • Sulieman Yusuf

          Charity begins at home. change the trend at your home, make sure that next lip-lock recorded with a lady entails blood-relations with #Unaib_Qaiser

          • Unaib Qaiser

            When people cant find a logical answer they rely on sarcasm..We dont follow islam but Always tell people to follow it..its a shame

          • Unaib Qaiser

            We have defined our own rules..If u take a picture of yourself its Haram..but we dont care..we just have to criticise this haram kiss..huh..strange world

          • Seerat Rizvi

            Limits are limits !! N no one can deny by giving lame reasons !! Islam gives you wife ! Husband wife do all but ! At the same time Islam strictly put the privacy on husband wife relation! They are asked to avoid kisses or hugs out of the room in front of public!! N also don’t compare a sacred husband wife relation with such vulgute relation !!So ! I think Itz enough to answer your lame questions !!

          • snow white

            Very nice very true

          • Malik Farhat Abbas

            We do follow Islam..and are Muslims…searching for that Perfection in us. We are certainly not HINDUES or Westerners. Vulgarity on Public TV is extreme irresponsible act to appease the enemy..Qaiser you are not looking for logical answers..if you were you would not be promoting Vulgarity and Western corrupt culture..even Hindu culture would not allow this. Get your bearings fixed..no matter what we may be bad Muslims according to you..but WE ARE MUSLIMS.

        • Imran

          It doest mean that if we take photo which is against islam so now we should do everything like kissing and loving our wives in front of everyone. why in bedroom? and other things which are against islamic teaching.

        • Malik Farhat Abbas

          We do not need to model our selves on Kamal Atta Turks Secular Turkey. By the way there is a big rather huge Islamic revival in Turkey…they have seen enough of the western secular system and its destructive nature..” result their Turkish Army can not produce great fighting spirit that can match ours”. They have National spirit and secular culture..but no deep Islamic Culture or Values. now the Turks are moving back to Islam once again. Allah is showering his blessings on The people of Turkey. Turkey is a great country…and we are even Greater. let’s not allow ARY to spoil that.

    • Zain Sheikh

      dekhny ko tu porn bi mil jata hai pak mein bt the thing is jab national channel pe aise chezein ho g tu apne families ke sath tv nai dekh sakte
      aghar Indian movie bi vulgar ho tu hum apne families ke sath ne dekhte friends ke sath ya akele dekh lete hai aghar zayda important ho tu
      we Don’t support this by saying Indian movies bi tu dekhte hai

      • Unaib Qaiser

        Jo kaam hum apni Family se chup k karte he us mein hamesha guilt hota he..Agar hum koi movie apni family k sath ni dekh sakte agar wo akele dekh le ya friends k sath dekh le to kya gunah nahi hota?

        • Unaib Qaiser

          If ur limit is that u can watch a kiss scene with friends..then why cant u watch it infront of your family..And if u cant watch it infront of your family then why even try to watch it with your friends or alone…

          • Mirza Ahmed Faraz Baig

            Is tarhan you can kiss ur wife infront of your parents? nikkah mein hogi halal bhe hoga right?

          • Unaib

            Whole point of my disscusion is that we are not perfect Muslims..If we can take picture and talk to a girl which is wrong and do many other things that are wrong according to islam..Then this kiss is no big deal..It is wrong..But we are doing things that are worse then this kiss in our life..So dont make it a big deal and talk about banning this channel..i hope this answers your question.And kissing your wife is wrong infront of other people..Its good to keep your privacy.But it is so because it can effect other people not you.Other people who are watching you can be disturbed so its good to keep privacy

          • fatima

            well said…………

          • Mariam Mirza

            u r rite..

          • More Lively

            we live in Pakistan and this was created on the bases that we should be save and free to act on Islam and try to help and improve our selves in “TAQWA” , and for sure we all have weakness do u think GOD don’t know what we think and what we do in open and in private and in family and in friends. GOD knows every thing but GOD keeps it secret. is just because GOD knows man is liable to err and he or she will come for forgiveness and if he or she is exposed for doing that evil deeds than the chances of ones coming back from the evil life will be near to Zero. And one thing more GOD also relieves and gives time to one self who has not done sins in public and it is not promoting it but to the people who promote and present such sins in public GOD made HIM a example for other.

            But it is every one of us responsibility to, to keep our society and environment in such state that it will be live able for every one.

            And one more thing more we keep this sins, evils things and vulgarity in discussions and publitize more evil will spread and the more we take the remedial steps batter the society will become .

            So i believe that this should be stop and candame with the extreme pressure so that this will stop here other wise there is no limit to that and this will not stopped here Soon we will be watching it on all channel and the small time we might get as a family to set together and see some quality entertainment will be lost and the society unit will be break and we all will be seeing much extreme vulgarity in our society and no home will be safe from that

          • Zain

            such a mature comment ,, m wid u ­čÖé

          • sAra

            totally agree wid u…

          • snow white

            I do agree u. The thing is our behaviour, we r becoming hypocrite. The wrong thing is wrong,one should condemn it entirely. But our faces r dual.
            Once molana tariq Allah pak ak choti se chu’enti k chalny se Jo nishan banta hai usy b dekhty hain’ Allah pak bhut bareek been hain, our society is loving indian movies. Our govt calcal it art, and society is promoting this art everywhere in country.
            Realisation should start from personal level,
            One should b transparent as a whole, one should say wrong as totally wrong, no partial escapes….
            Nowadays our society is following huge WRONG
            So ban things personally, if you have power,, stop it by force, our by voice,our through writing…but if u yourself stop watching WRONG as WHOLE, then u will get your flaah…
            Keep purifying yourselve.

    • Fayzee

      Movies if you watch are also not right, but still as you say, you watch secretly. But TV is at home and we watch all the dramas along with the family members. You may like to watch such Scenes together with your family, but maximum people will not, because we have respect for each other. I mean we have haya, we aren’t besharam.

    • IT

      WHY are you SUPPORTING so much this kissing scene? If some people watch indian movies it does NOT mean that a national channel should on air these contents. If people watch SECRETLY something like that, it is his/her own problem. BUT if you on air it on TV it means you are spoiling all those people who DO NOT WATCH these things. If MEDIA do not become responsible, then in future all our tv channels will become more and more tollerant to these scenes and these scenes will become a routine as it is becoming in indian television.

      PEMRA should take action against ARY.
      We should all criticise ARY so that they avoid it in future.

    • Ghazala

      Why we are comparing Pakistani Drama’s to Indian movies? Then we should not ban those vulgar Hollywood movies either.some people love them
      We are portraying our culture with these shows and it should not cross our limits as most of the times people watch these shows with families.

    • sAra

      you are ri8… y dont we protest then…its all our fault…

    • Malik Farhat Abbas

      You are a confused so called Muslim…Indian Vulgarity is for the Indian Culture and Western Vulgarity is for the western society…Lets keep our Pakistani society clean as a Muslim Society. What Indians do is done by Hindu Kafirs…not for Muslims..and certainly not to be done by Muslims ( we are not Hindu copy cats )so if some one in Pakistan is watching that Indian stuff it’s their individual conduct, as long as its not done openly in the society. This clip is an attempt by enemies of Islam using ARY as their preferred tool to corrupt Pakistani society. Thus can not be allowed. ” Enemy is attempting to destroy our Muslim Youth through Corruption of the young minds, We are a fighting Warrior Nation, Vulgarity on TV is a direct attack to destroy our youth and the fighting Spirit of the Pakistani Nation. ARY is a Tool of the enemy…some time back they (ARY owners) had sold their soul to the devil for DOLLAR$$$. ARY MUST BE PUNISHED FOR THERE BLATANT ATTEMPT TO CORRUPT OUR YOUTH.

    • Maha Asif

      You’re so right.

  • umme

    Is pr pemra ko sakht sy sakht notice leyna chahya, Pakistan ab sirf naam ka Muslim country reh gaya h, ahista ahista Pakistan ko bhi bilkul secular bana daingy ya yahoodiyon ky pithoo

  • Unaib

    And there are also other channels like 8xm and other channels that are showing vulgarity 24*7..We dont raise voice againt them because they are showing us OUR BELOVED Katrina kaif,kareena kapoor,priyanka chopra dancing and pleasing us…Our society is so biased…And we need to change it..And im being detected as a spam so wont comment any more.

  • Haya

    Big shame on ARY channel !!!!

  • Hamza Aslam

    shame on ARY

  • Ayse

    k─▒namakta ├žok hakl─▒s─▒n─▒z bir T├╝rk ve m├╝sl├╝man olarak bu durumdan utan─▒yoruz.Ama├žs─▒zca ├žekilen T├╝rk dizileri….gen├žlere olumsuz ├Ârnek olmaktan ba┼čka amac─▒ olmayan bat─▒ taklidi diziler.Ama sizleri tebrik ediyorum.Hayran kald─▒m dizilerinize.humsafar ve zindagi gulzar hai izledim.daha fazla izlemek istiyorum ama ├ževrilmedi─či i├žin izleyemiyorum.

  • Ayse

    Abi ya ├ževire ├ževire bu sa├žma diziyi mi ├ževirmiler yaa.

  • Fayzee

    So much vulgarity! The channel should be banned for at least 15 days. The responsibles at censor board should be terminated immediately. We need some action not just protess. It’s becoming too much now. There is a difference between a theater and a home. Ban all these foreign content.

  • Ayaan javed

    hum to hum tv ko boltey they ye to ary bhi aesa hogya h astaghfirullah

  • Rukhsana Khan

    Allah ! Please please help Pakistan Ameen

    • Candle

      Suma Ameen

  • Phupoo Ka Beta

    Open Letter to PTA:

    Shame On MEDIA: Publishing this kind of the Content,
    If it contained in it so much vulgarity, why its been allowed to published In Pakistan?
    On the other hand we Banned Youtube but here we are publishing this kind of the vulgarity..
    Media Will never never be in favor Of Pakistani Culture,

    Instead they will devalued our cultural Values..

    Please Ban all those Foreign Channels Like Urdu 1, colors, Star plus, and this so called ary zindagi etc.

  • Virgo from USA

    Of late Ary is going overboard please stop telecasting this rubbish

  • Areej Fatima

    Allah karam kary hamary pakistan par leken pakistanio ne koi kasar nahi chori besharmi mein mojy afsos hota pakistan channels per b asay scene ho sakty han india or pakistani channel mein ab kia difference reh gia han

  • Areej Fatima

    issi media ne hi bacho or logo ko harab kar deya howa han jaha islam ki taleem deni chahiya waha ye kuch bacho ko sekha rahy han pehly to sirf suna tha k pakistan harab han or mein manti nahi thi or na hi kisi ko pakistan k halaf kahny deti thi leken aj mein ne dekh liya han mojy eik dafa canadian friend ne kaha tha k pakistan asa han leken mein ne us se bohat
    naraz hoi k asa hamara pakistan nahi han leken aj wo thik han or mein galt

  • More Lively

    We are already not a very strong Muslim after all but what left with us , i request to all media , please let us live with that so that we may fine peace……………..

  • sohaib

    hedious and abhorrent

  • sohaib

    Please register your comments at PEMRA


  • rana asif jamil

    we have to take stand against ary that what kind of vulgarity they r manifesting in pakistani drama.shame on u ary..

  • Sparkle Eyes

    Everybody should complain for this stupidity……

  • MJ Jun

    Well they didn’t show any nudity on tv, give me a break just a minor slight kiss. Not even full french kissing. We are now in modern society, we have to adopt new life style.

    • M.Aamir

      This is muslim society not a so called modern society.

      • barcelona

        muslim society jahan bachu aur larkiu k rape hotay hein her roz

        • Malik Farhat Abbas

          No you are forgetting…you are referring to India or USA. Not in Pakistan.

    • Maha Asif

      I agree with you.

  • <<>>

    buhuhahahahah..Dear Admin Ary ne to dekhaya he dekhaya ,,,aap b to peechay ni……

    • bitter Ch0late

      badi gal dasi e

      • <<>>

        kisi nooo dasseeen naa

        • bitter Ch0late

          tere gal tid vch rak k aasee apna tid khrb nae o krna

  • Candle

    ARY should be banned……where is PEMRA??? Galfat ki neend soye hoy hain ye log iss liye inko itni asaadi mili hoe hai jo ajj Pakistani channels pr vulgar scenes show ho rhy hain….Humtv k baad abb shyd ARY ki bari hai apni website hack karwany ki…..aisa ho jaye to acha ho….

  • maryam

    astarfiruallah yeh kia hogai hai pakistani dramas ko allah maaf karein

    • Ana Zai

      It’s not a pakistani drama… It’s a turkish drama..

  • maryam

    what is the name ?

  • Ana Zai

    Astagfirullah Ary ko tou sharam aati hi nhi..aise chennels ko tou banned hi kar dena chahiye…Aur pemra ko aise chennels ky khilaf sakht se sakht karwai kerni chahiye..tak isk bad kisi chennel ki vulagarity dikhane ki himat na ho…

  • saeeda

    Haan ye sab bhot bura ho ra ha hai hum apnay bachoon k sath beth ker nahe dekh saktay ham pakistani hain indian nahe jo in jese darame banaye please apney mulak ka khal karain nahe to anay walay saloon main kohe pakistan ko acha nahe kahe ga

  • anonymos

    it was a turkish drama not a pakistani

    • bitter Ch0late

      sanu pata e tenu dasan de lod nae e

  • MJ Jun

    Regards this Pakistan or India. If you don’t like watch this channel then move on to next one. This is public choice whatever people wanna see. This channel don’t depend on you. ­čÖé

  • bitter Ch0late

    Lannat Ary te

  • Bilal Mian

    How many of you watched this video aired on tv and how many of you watched it on this page? I can understand that you guys are against it but in the meantime you are promoting it by posting this clip. LOL

  • Bilal Mian

    Dont watch this drama or even this channel if you dont like them. why all the fuss?

  • Housewife

    just to have more hits you are being a part of this vulgarity campgain by showing thi on your main page and forcing people to see who otherwise had missed it.BAD.

  • barcelona

    shariyat ki define kerda limits k mutabaq tu larkiun ka beghair scarf k aur make up k sath khulay balun dramun me kam kerna haram he aur ye bi vulgarity he,herat he log ye vulgarity tu shoqse dekhtay hein jesay baray sawab ka kam he aur sirf kissing pe itni tanqeed munafqat ki koi had honi chahye,aur jo sachi baat ker de tu sab us pe personel atack kerna shuru ker detay hein ,

  • imran

    Actually we watch Pakistani channel bcoz they are not showing vulgarity as showed in Indian or English movies. its really bad and shameful scene . we should be condemned off course. anyway m surprised

  • H!DD3N


  • H!DD3N

    Assalam o Alaikum…..
    sorry for long comment but plz read it… especially hadith…
    bhaiyo aur behno ma ny sab parhay sirf sign up krny ka maqsad yeh tha k is baat ka shayad is Hadith k zariye hmara Allaah hmaray kaafi bhaiyon aur Behno ko samjh ata farma day;

    The first to commit Shirk amongst mankind were the people of Nooh (alaihis-salaam). Ibn Abbas (radhi allahu anhu) explains how Shaytan lead them to worshiping idols in stages, ‘Indeed these five names of righteous men are from the people of Nooh. When they died, Shaytan whispered to their people to make statues of them and to place these statues in their places of gathering as a reminder of the people, so they did this. However, none from amongst them worshiped these statues, until when they died and the purpose of the statues was forgotten. Then (the next generation) began to worship them.’ [Agreed upon] Abu Ja’far (radhi allahu anhu) said, ‘Those from the later generation saw what the (previous generation) had done and considered that… to the extent that they took him (i.e., the righteous man) as an ilah (deity) to be worshiped besides Allah.’ He then said, ‘This was the first idol worshipped other than Allah, and they called this idol, Wadd.’ [Saheeh al-Bukharee (8/534)]

    shaytaan ko 3 generations lagi first time shirk krwany k liye……
    Ab baat a jaati h shirk ka is gunnah say kia ta-aluq bhaiyo behno shaytan sab say pehly hum say gunnah aur phir shirk krway
    daily life k gunnah ka kch pta nhi Allaah kab muaaf krwa day but Shirk ki jab tak jab tak toba na ki jay muafi nhi milnay wali.
    aur yehi baat aaj hmain samjhni h aur phir implement krni h k aaj hum ager ager gunnah ko nhi rokain gay tau kal hmari aany wali nasal is cheez ko kia porn tak ko promote kray gi.
    Turkey ki jo aaj halat h wo sari duniya janti h. Turkey he ager hmara ideal h tau turkey per imaan laty hain, lets leave islam.
    aaj hum ma say kitny bhai behn hain jo beroon e mulk rehty hain
    Kia hum aur aap yeh baat achi tarha say nhi janty k secularism ma enjoyment h but sakoon nhi.
    Aaj dil khoon k ansoo rota h jab
    jawani ko hansi mazakh aur wahiyyat kamon ma barbad hoty huy dekhta hun aur dil krta h cheekh cheekh kr btaun k

    last baat
    (Yeh hadith h but is hiwala mujhy yad nhi sorry)

  • dadi amma

    Well to the writer and admin of both sites, i request u all to delete this clip from ur main page, as we who r not interested in such things na chhty huy b nazar perh jati hai n it annoys alot…TV walo nay tou clip dekha k jo gunnah kia so kia app nay b us gunnah main apna credit dal dia by promoting and pointing out such type of things….i really dont understand k akhir kia zaroort hai is terha ki wahyait cheazon ko apny main page main dalny ki….achi bhali musibat dal di her sahib e iman ko…please delete it. Jzk

  • lol

    shame on ary zindagi ye to pakistani channle lagta hi nahi sary drame ya india ke hai ya tuekish ke pakistani to eik do hi houn gay

  • sahir khan

    shame on ary channel

  • Misses Naveed Raza

    ye pakistani darama ni ha

  • accko786

    Watch On http://pakinfochannel.com.pk/ In High Quality

  • hockey man

    Is ok to rape 13 year but is not ok to kiss .How Hypocrite Muslim are . Wake up

    • Malik Farhat Abbas

      In USA A child is raped every 7 minute and a woman is raped every 3 minutes. In Europe a child is raped every 20 minutes and a Woman is raped every 10 min. what are you trying to achieve hear..I agree we should have Islamic Sharia laws so the Rapist can be Beheaded within 3 days and Ary be shut down for Ever and its assets be confiscated. ALL indian movies Burnt and shops sealed. IT PROVES TRUE WE IMMEDIATELY NEED ISLAMIC SHARIA LAWS AND AN 100 % ISLAMIC GOVERNMENT RUN BY THE BEST OF THE MUSLIMS ONLY… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  • Umair Rais

    If we will ignore such a things , They will be Show more then this , Exactly

  • saira

    oh my God its too much vulgarity all foriegn content should be banned and this zindgi channel should also be banned.I like Ary digital because its dramas are much clean than Hum tv dramas except chup raho that was the only one drama that was unbearable.But how this thing got on air its a big question.I guess they did not watch drama before putting it on air or some negligence but whatever it is this channel should be banned.

  • noor

    i cant undrstnd pakistani pepole kud india ky dramy dyky gy waha to is sy b zyada kuch dykny ko milta ha or jb pakistani chnl ny dika diya to phr is awam ka gussa contrl ma nai aa rha

  • accko786
  • Maha Asif

    If you watch it in a Hollywood or Bollywood movie it’s fine, but if it on a Pakistani channel you want to ban them, aren’t these double standards? When you decide to watch the foreign content, watch it thoroughly.

  • Afraisham Khan

    Shame on u Ary and other channels like this. Ary taunting others where is your shame now.

  • ZidI Khan

    Had ho gayee hai ary inna ghatiya ho skta socha ni tha …… they should have to cut the liplock scene but they didnt how disgusting wotss wrong with pakistani’s media :/