Fastest & Earliest Divorce Ever in Pakistan – Hilarious Video Must Watch!


Watch a clip from Pakistani Drama Which Shows the Fastest Divorce Ever in Pakistan – Hilarious Video Must Watch!


With the growing influence of the freedomatic approach, the overall ratio of divorces has increased drastically within the country. Taking into consideration the same idealogy, watch a clip of the fastest divorce that can ever happen!

A must watch!

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  • Sara

    There’s nothing hilarious in this video and the guy just held her what the hell wrong in that…..
    They r cousins n made a big deal……
    Anyway which drama is it? ??

    • Humayoon

      rasm drama

      • Saeeda Nazir

        islam m gusa or pagl pn m talk ni hti n talk aik sath hti e ni h

  • salai

    yes,is not big deal

  • Maheen Khan

    aksar families mein istarahn ki aurtein hoti hein jo baat ka btangr bna kr gher berbaad kr detein hein

  • SSJ

    Yes Kuch Families Asi Hoty Hain.Pakistan Kia Purey Worl me asi Kuch Families hain Jo Asi hoty hain.

  • Ayaan javed

    baaz lrkey brri jldi ghussey m aakr aesa kr jatey h

  • Habib

    Guys kiya kar rahay ho there is nothing wrong in this scene ? Ya bhai saab kuch ziyda gusay mien nhe a gaiy ? shadi se pehle talaq kasay ho sakti ha ? ya media kiya dekha raha ha ? Mehndi per he talaq de di ? ya kon se rasam ha ?

    • Khadija

      unka Nikah pahly sy hva hoa tha..esleay mehndi per hi talaq ho skti hy

    • km

      i didn’t watch the drama lekin ho skta hai nikkah pehle ho gya ho, aur shaadi baad mein. aksar hota hai aise nikkah pehle aur phir kuch arsay baad rukhsati

  • Haya Khan

    Majority of us dnt know the basic rules of talaaq in islam , the divorce given in single sitting is considered as 1st talaaq in Islam. Husband and wife can reunite without nikkah before end of iddat and with nikkah after the end of iddat. Our ignorant dramas are teaching our boys that how easily divorse can happen and this ignorance about this basic rule islam has destroyed thousands of happy homes.

    • Bomb Pakistan


    • Muhammad Imtiaz

      Sorry to Say but u even dont Know the Exact Rule In Single sitting if u says three Times talaaq Than Talaaq will be Considered as One All thi Fiqahs Imaam ( Mutafiq) on it . Only The One Maslak ( Ahl e Hadees) consider thousand Talaaq in single sitting As One so Before say anything first take the information regrading to talaaq.

      • Haya Khan

        I dnt know any maslak… And dnt u dare talk to me regarding maslak… I hate this sectism…. I said above bcz i myself read this with authentic references and Thats why i believe in it. If u want I cannprovide u the authentic references in which all tha muslims believe. And we believe in Allah and Muhammad PBUH thats all. Dnt start rubbish discussion of maslaks, muftis, molanas, hazrats.

  • Ahmad Sajid

    will will groom have same kind shitti psycho family…….thats all and talaq in angerness and confusion is different according to fiqah hanafia and fiqah jafferia and now the question is that which fiqah they are following first find out the fiqah and read abt the khulah or talaq now should i differiate khulah from talaq for u poeple.

  • Journalist QS


  • Fakhre Alam

    emergency talaq. DFM ho geo ka. aisa nai hota

  • Sparkle Eyes

    rasmain honi he nahi chahiye

  • Annie

    She’s so lucky k tallaq hogai…. werna aisy cheapster k saat rehny perta … lol .. can’t even see what’s wrong and right … bloody coward ! 😛 … oh I just 4get it’s a drama .. damnn