Girl beats Boy In Public

This video shows us a negative side of Pakistan yet a reality. Pakistan now in 21st century is undergoing a process in which people of Pakistan are adopting western culture, there is no harm of adopting western culture people should know about cultural diversities but they should not forget that Pakistan is an Islamic Republic. People should not cross the limit line drawn in our religion. In this video there is a wedding going on in which men are dancing with a girl, in other words we can say it a “MUJRA”. This is absolutely prohibited in our religion but still people opt for it and when they do such stuff they cross their limitations. Something similar to this happened in this video, As I mentioned above men were dancing with a girl suddenly a boy misbehaved with a girl and the girl lost her temper and started beating the boy. I know that it was that Boy’s mistake but one thing I would like to mention is that, the girl who lost her temper should have thought before that the act she is doing is not actually right. I guess if she had thought this before, this would have not happened.


Written by: Moomal Hassan

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