Indian Ad Gone Viral on Internet, Must Watch and Learn

Defining the beautiful bond of brothers and sisters, a special video was shot in India which has gone viral on social media and is appreciated by the audience all over the world.

The idea has been appreciated by the viewers as the video promotes the concept of showing respect to women regardless of the discrimination in between them

What are your views

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  • aliazan

    waooo nice
    goodd for all

  • <<>>

    lesson to b learn ,..

    1…for Girl Peela Suit na pehnen .,…wrna at least mast hona chahye …

    Question to b Ask Judge Sabbbbb.. …Raksha Bandhan day to manatay ha …Qinqi Bandhan day q nahe manatay ..kiya ye khulla teeezad nahee?/

  • Ayaan javed


  • mn

    Are Pakistan policy really mad

    What kind of comments