Indian’s Response To Tahir Shah

Indian people admire and love the music of Pakistan. In a recent interview with a few Indians we came to know that they believe that Pakistani singers are very talented and they know their music. When they were asked about Tahir Shah they got the response that nobody actually knew about him. No Indian had heard Eye to Eye. Everyone said we have never heard of him is he famous? It was then decided that these Indians would be shown the video of the song eye to eye and this will make them know who he is. After that there remarks would be recorded. After hearing eye to eye, a few of them were devastated, a few were laughing so hard and some also got angry on the video. They said what got into him? Who made the video? Is he crazy? There is no meaning of it. Some said he is irritating, some say that he has murdered the language, some say that they couldnt bear watching the whole video. A few people also said that maybe he was a narcissist and all he did was to make love to his own eyes which was creepy. Watch for yourself.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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