It Was My Love Marriage- Says Sharmila Farouqui

Everyone wants to know whether it was a love or an arranged marriage. Sharmila Farouqui is a successful public figure and her fans wanted to know about the biggest decision of her life. In a morning show she gave the answer to this question and explained her meeting with her husband. She said it was her love marriage. She saw him first time in Bilawal House at a cabinet meeting. It was a very formal set up and they also met formally. After that they met twice or thrice in the same formal way. They started talking related to work and then it slowly turned into love. Her husband then proposed her and they got engaged two years after that. Their engagement lasted long and now they are married. Sharmila believes that there is someone in the world with whom you connect and then you are forced to believe that he is yours. The host asked for her husband’s name and she replied Hasham Riaz.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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