Jibran Nasir Confronts CM Sindh Qaim Ali Shah

The present situation of Karachi is so disturbing that people are highly upset and depressed. More than 1000 people have died due to the sudden temperature change and the lack of any help from the government officials. No government official visited the hospitals and other places where people are mourning over the dead bodies of their loved ones. After a few days CM Sindh arrived, made a round of the area and was going back in his shimmering black spotless land cruiser when Jibran Nasir who is a lawyer and a social activist stopped him. He asked a question and raised his hand in the crowd. He said have you visited the washrooms of the ward? The CM stayed quiet. He said the ward has 7 Air Conditioners and not a single one of them is working have you seen that? The CM was quiet again. A security official started to stop Jibran but he said dont touch me, i am a citizen of this country and i am talking to my CM. Do not touch me otherwise i will take you to court. Watch what happened next.



Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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