Low budget commercials are highly Viral in Pakistan

Cosmetics are now a days a major and most important tool used to beautify yourself, it is not only used by Girls but also Men also use many kind of cosmetics now in other words we can say that it is a basic need of life now. We can see that its a very low budget Commercial, this is just because cosmetic industries are divided in many market segments. This specific TV commercial is targeting low and middle class people who can not buy expensive Brands, but problem with this TV commercial is that if this product is made for poor people who cannot afford expensive brands then why is it publicizing itself so much? These type of products I think do not need much Publicity because it targets a very small class and if this company is publicizing itself then I think they want to compete in the international market of brands which in my opinion, will be their biggest mistake after which their product might go in Decline Phase. Apart from this there is another issue that is very important which is that these fairness advertisements create a sense of inferiority complex among girls with dark complexions. We should not promote racism and we should not take our society in a wrong direction. Having a dark complexion is not a sin.


Written by: Moomal Hassan

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