Madiha Shah Talks About Her Marriage

Madiha Shah has been a phenomenal actress. She recently got married her marriage was a surprise and excitement for everybody. Her fans wanted to know whether her marriage was love or arranged. She finally disclosed the secret in Sanam Jungs morning show. She said that her husband saw her somewhere and fell in love with her. It was love marriage from his side but arranged from Madiha’s side. She didn’t know that he loves her. When he sent the proposal she agreed and they got married so it was love from one side and arranged from the other. Madiha Shah says that her husband is very possessive and he always does stuff to keep her happy. He can not see her sad or bored. All he always does is to keep her entertained. This is a perfect match watch the video and show what you feel.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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