Mahira Khan Talks About Raees

Mahira Khan is a leading diva of Pakistani drama industry. She is growing popular and popular day by day. She is nowadays busy with her film “Raees” with Shahrukh Khan which she says is a wonderful experience. She was invited as a guest in Sahir lodhi’s show where she said that her experience with India and Bollywood was good but she is more comfortable working in Pakistan because here it feels like family. She says she has only worked with one production house in Pakistan which HUM TV productions so now it is easy for her to be with them. She can go there with her pajamas on. Everyone knows her and she knows everyone so its like her second home. It is easy for her to work in such environment but then media is all about risks and adventures so she took this step of working in bollywood which she says has turned out to be amazing.


Written by: Moomal Hassan.

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