Make Your Own Fairness Cream At Home

Fairness has always been considered a sign of beauty in our country and in many other. Every girl wants a fair and flawless skin but you can’t always trust the creams which you buy from the stores. These skin may make you fair but they also contain chemicals which can harm your skin in the long run.

The skin expert Khurram told the viewers about a fairness cream which you can easily make at home which will also remove your freckles. It also helps with pigmentation and dark circles.

here are the ingredients:

Kojic acid cream (easily available in medical stores)
Full cream
Jasmine oil
Saffron (Kashmiri)
Goats milk

Add all these ingredients one by one in a pan while it is on the stove. When the mixture becomes a little thick, put it in a container and apply it every night. The person who uses this cream will see a big difference in a month.

Watch the video here:


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