Mango helps to reduce 11 pounds in a week

Sahir Lodhi explained a remarkable tip to reduce 11 pounds in a week. This tip is highly effective because this is easy, home made and also shows immediate result. Sahir Lodhi explained that he has been associated with the American football and he has a team player who was a little over weight. He had to lose his weight before the match which was after a week. Their coach told them a tip which says that they have to peel the mango’s upper part. The peel has to be very thin and all the pulp has to be removed. After doing this it must be shredded and mixed with some salt. This mixture has to be taken four times a day. Along with this soda must be completely ignored from the diet. Other things can be consumed but not soda at all. This would result in amazing weight loss in just a week. Watch for yourself and change your life.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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