Mathira Crosses The Limits Of Vulgarity

Mathira has always been very famous for her erotic and vulgar acts in films, shows and even songs now. Her videos have been so popularly spread because she is just an attention seeker. The way she acts, reacts and even talks is completely fake. Mathira is one of the most vulgar actresses of the country. Her recent teaser of the new video song “Nehray Aah” shows from its name how it is going to be. It will be the biggest portrayal of vulgarity in the history. This video’s teaser shows different wicked expressions of Mathira and her annoying dresses. The way she is showing off her body is completely not acceptable. Such videos should not be popular in the country and such actors must be banned. This video is not to be seen with family because it will have a bad effect on the children.

Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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