Meera Arrest Warrants Issued

Meera is a very famous Pakistani actress. She is not only famous for her acting but also for her awkward and silly way of talking and presenting herself. She acts as if she knows everything and she is better than everyone but as her love life is in front of everyone. At one moment she is seen with one guy the other moment somebody else is in her life again. The same has happened recently. Ateeq ur rehman claims to be her husband. He said that she married him and they were happy but Meera does not agree to this. He has even shown his Nikkah agreement but still Meera denies it. Ateeq ur rehman launched a case against Meera and she was summoned by court but she did not turn up. This is why court has launched an arrest warrant against Meera. Proper investigations would be made and she would be interrogated on the case of having two Nikkahs at a time.


Written By: Moomal Hassan

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