Miracle Drink To Kill Belly Fat

People are getting more and more conscious about their weight with every passing year because obesity is increasing even in Pakistan and also because people are more aware of the health hazards that are directly linked to weight gain. Almost all the Morning Shows nowadays focus on giving their viewers tips for weight loss that are easy to follow but also give results.

The nutritionist on Sanam Baloch’s Morning Show told his viewers about a miracle drink that serves many purposes. It will help you lose your belly fat which is the most difficult one to lose and it will also add a glow to your complexion along with ridding you of dark circles.

The things you need to make this drink are:

Fried white cumin seeds (zeera)
Basil seeds (tukh malanga)
Apple cider vinegar

Add all these ingredients in water and blend them in a blender, use this drink at least once a day but when you are taking this drink make sure you take a tablet with it which is Rabeprazole. This tablet will help in digestion.

You have to be 16 or above to consume this drink and to use this tablet. This miracle drink will only give desired results if it is consumed for at least two months.

Watch the video for more even more clarity:


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