Neelum Munir Flirts With Wasi Shah

Neelum Munir is a very important celebrity these days and Wasi Shah is a wonderful poet. He is also hosting a show these days in which he invited Neelum Munir as a guest. She was decent in the start but as time passed she started to go crazy for Wasi Shah. He asked her that has she ever fallen in love? She replied that not yet but maybe she will encounter that feeling today because she has met her favorite poet. Her indication was completely towards Wasi Shah and after hearing this he was literally blushing. The comedian started teasing them and showing a little jealousy too when Neelum said that you have no idea how good looking you look when you wear glasses and work. It was a clear flirtatious way of praising him. She also mentioned that her favorite time pass is reading Wasi Shah’s poetry all the time. He was very happy to hear this and he also said that other person’s talent should be appreciated.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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