Neelum Munir Tells About Her Marriage

Neelum Munir has been the crush of many of the male audiences. She is now seen in almost every other drama on television. She is wonderful in all roles may it be of the villain or of the heroine. She can perfectly portray every role in a very justified form. She is one of those actresses who are not only pretty but also very talented as well. Recently she was invited in Nida Yasir’s morning show where she was asked about her plans for marriage. Many of her fans want to know the answer of this. She said that she has no plans of marriage yet. As other girls think about their life partners, marriage events, jewellery, dresses and other ceremonies, Neelum is one of those girls who do not think about their future. She said that she forgets her past, makes her present perfect and then automatically her future becomes good. SHe does not think and over think. More over she said that her marriage is the decision in which she would go for the option her parents give to her. Watch the video for more details.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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