Non-muslim Actress Binita Recites Surah-e-ikhlaas

In a special Ramzan transmission, actress Binita David was invited as the guest. Her dressing was completely according to the Islamic traditions. She wore a plain chiffon dupatta along with her shalwar kameez which made her look more elegant. Only a few people knew that she is a christian. After watching the episode, many people came to know this truth and were very shocked. She was asked that how do the christians think of Ramzan and muslims celebrating it. She said christians celebrate this occassion whole-heartedly and they also prepare proper sehri and iftari. She also said that she has memorized lots of ayaat as well and live on television she recited Surah e ikhlaas.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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  • Sara

    It simply confirms that Christian children are forced to memorize verses from Quran in our schools.

    • Maria

      they are not forced in any way. They have other optional subjects to study. it’s not obligatory for them to read islamiat. i have been studying with christian students in pakistan so i know that. she memorized the verses willingly and happily. anyone can see this from her expressions

      • Sara

        I have also studied with them. It is difficult for them and they take some subjects just to fit in. It isn’t bad nor good. It just shows the insecurities of minorities.
        As for her, that is her survival strategy. All the minorities in the world including Muslims learn to survive according to their circumstances.

  • sajad ahmad

    First of all I hope not by force however every word of Quran is lesson and advice for human being