Pakistani Boy Dances on the Famous Chitiyan Kalaiyan!

This video is about a morning show in which a boy who is around 25 or 26 years old. He is invited as a guest. He dances at the famous Bollywood song Chittiyan Kallayian. His dance moves are almost the same as that of the song’s original choreography. The way he danced just like Jacqueline was just amazing. The audience were clapping and cheering for him. Dancing like a girl is easy only for girls not for boys so it was something completely different and eye catching. At times it also felt awkward because boys have their own grace and dignity. Dancing like girls is not something that boys have to do. This boy sometimes did show the characteristics of being a gay as well but then again we can not be judgmental. After dancing on the full song he sat down and the host asked him that how does he practice and learn such moves? He replied by saying that when he watches the video five or six times he himself learns the moves and performs them afterwards. Watch the video yourself and be amazed.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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