Qandeel Baloch’s Vulgar Video Song Getting Criticism on Social Media


Another vulgar act by Qandeel Baloch, has stirred the Social Media users who are criticizing her newly uploaded song like anything on Facebook. See this video and please do share your views about it too. How far do you think it is right to even comment about her.

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  • Muhammad Asim

    Congratulation to All Pakistanis, Now we have Porn Star. Carry On …..

  • Maya

    Kad ho gai kasme balke kad sai bhi barh kar kuch ho gaya

  • everyone is blaming the girl and not the director or the singer who actually made the video,if not her, they would definitely hired some other model for the same vulgarity ..

    • Majid Khalid

      sab ka hi qusoor hai. Lekin kabhi to kisi larki ka bhi qusoor maan lia karo. Aik bandi k andar khud bhi koi haya hoti hai. Kal ko koi english director is ko full nude honey ka kahey ga to ye ho jaye gi?

      Agar aap se koi kahey to aap is video main is tarhan perform kar leteen? Nahi na? To bandi bandi main farq hota hai. Ajeeb baat karti ho.

      • its her body, she can do whatever the hell she wants to,, but on the contrary, the director and the singer are using HER body,, agr etna shauq ha tou khud nangy nancho.!

        • Jenny Jia

          its her body and she is to decide everything about herself BUT she is representing our country Pakistan , our religion Islam and female community . lanat hai is H.zadi pe

          • just like by name calling u are representing islam,and the Pakistani culture,,, bravo!
            This is the sole reason why we are lagging behind in every field of the modern world, because our thinking is only limited to what the other one is wearing,,

          • Jenny Jia

            Hello sister , whats the matter with my name? don´t you think we are lagging behind in every field because our thinking is also stuck on others names? whtever my name is not harming my culture and youngsters but her way of dressing …. anyway ab to baat hi khatam , kia behas , as she is no more

          • tu rehn day behn,,u don’t know english so dont try and speak in english,, i never raised my finger on ur name,, stupid ass idiots

          • Jenny Jia

            nahi aati english , non of your business . For your kind information , I am an English teacher in an American School. It was my mistake to talk such a jerk like you, GTFO.

          • i feel sorry for the american kids, with dolts like u teaching their students, no wonder the american ppl are becoming so crass and dumb! oh and yeah go fuck ur self u lil peace of cow shit!

          • English teacher at* an American school.
            Mistake that I talked to a jerk like you**
            are u sure u are not the janitor at that school

    • Jenny Jia

      arey bhai koi force to nahi karta na yeh sab kkarny ko ager wo na karna chahy ………ya koi b larki limits cross na karna chahy to Kis director producer ya kisi b authorty ki jurat hai k yeh sab karwa le ?

  • Egoistic Fatima

    Larka to marasi he lag raha hai

  • noname

    i think ksi ko b comment ni krna chahie jb log chup k jaege tb ye khudi thndi hojaegi logon k views hi ise sar charha rhe h

  • huda

    i agree she shouldn’t have done this. but why is everyone talking about Qandeel only, what about the singer, director, producer and all other people involve in making of this video??? they all should be criticized equally for doing this, specially the singer who gave her this opportunity. but we all know that no-one will say a single word about them because they are male or is muashry mai mard k tmam jurm maaf hain. and yes “agr qandeel aisa na karti tw koi or kar leti, par agar video bnany waly aisi video na bnaty tw ye kbi na banti”

    • Mohammad Faisal Khan


    • Maheen Khan

      totally agree with u, it is more of a fault of director n producer than the dancer. now isn’t there anyone to ban this video?

  • Ice heart

    following west atleast make your figure like them too. fat ass slag

  • umair aziz

    bhai sub ne video dekh bhi li aur comments bhi de diyay, hona kia hai kuch bhi nahi, itni bari baat nahi hai us k liye woh is se pehle bhi sub ochay hathkanday istamal karti rahi hai , apni energy kiun zaya karein , chill karo sub