Qmobile Cheats Again – Exclusive Video

Q mobile is a leading mobile brand of Pakistan which is very popular these days due to its wonderful mobile features and more importantly the cheap rates. Q mobile has always casted leading national and international actors and celebrities in its advertisements like Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Jacqueline Fernadez and many other. Even the cheapest Q mobile model advertisements have top celebrities in their advertisements to increase the purchase of the brand and its popularity. There have been certain cases in which Q mobile has copied Indian Advertisements previously but a very recent case happened. The currently running advertisement of Q mobile model Z-8 is a copy of the advertisement of India featuring Kareena Kapoor in the advertisement of Jingle. The exactly same background music, same story boarding and also the same pattern is copied or rather cheated by Q mobile. Q mobile casted Jacqueline Fernandez in the ad and she did exactly the same things that Kareena did in the Indian advertisement. Taking a foreign celebrity in the advertisement is not wrong but copying the exact story is against the copyright and infringement laws and sever action can be taken against Q mobile.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.