Reema badly Taunting Meera’s Leak Video on Internet

In this video Reema Khan, a top actress and director of Pakistani Film Industry taunts Meera on tonight with HSY. This show is based on gossips and fights and fun. Reema Khan indirectly taunted Meera about the leaked video that is claimed to be made by her. She had some bold scenes with Captain Naveed and she was filming everything in mobile phone. That video is available everywhere and Meera claims that it is a propaganda against her. She said she did not make any such film and that is all editing but unfortunately people are not fools and those who have a little technical knowledge know what is edited and what is not. Reema Khan praised her film Khilona but then said that nowadays Meera’s videos are found everywhere but there is a difference between videos made from phone and from the 32mm lens. This was a strict taunt that too publicly.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.