RJ Naveed’s Darzi Prank Call, Do Women Actually Behave like this ?

This video is all about a funny prank call by RJ Naveed, he is acting as a tailor and shows how one woman is offended when she gets to know that the other woman has the same dress as her. This is nowadays considered as a very embarrassing thing if someone wears the same dress as you in parties, weddings or any social gathering. Women always want to look different and unique, they want themselves to be prominent and want to gather all praises of the society. If a woman encounters such a situation she becomes highly offended and even in some cases women also start a cat fight as shown in this video. The tailor calls the woman and said that another customer wants to talk to you regarding the print of your dress. The other customer then shows interest in the first woman’s print and tells her that she has bought the same print and is going to the same wedding as her. Hearing this the woman gets offended and starts insulting the tailor who in return repeatedly gives the phone to the other customer. Situations like these are very common watch for yourself and get entertained.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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