Sahir Lodhi became emotional

Sahir Lodhi conducts a very popular show. He recently responded to a criticism he had to face about him. He read this article in a newspaper in which the writer pointed out Sahir Lodhi for being the duplicate Shahrukh Khan and also that his show is also becoming like other morning shows. Although i am not a fan of Sahir Lodhi but the things he said were seriously true. He said that the media only shows what our population wants to see. Pakistan is not bigger than India or America, we can do the same meaningful morning shows like them but who is going to watch them? Our people need gossip, controversy and masala otherwise they switch the channel. He also said that he is one of the last Samurais, if he leaves then we will have to tolerate the shows we have these days. Do watch the video below it has a strong message.

Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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