Sahir Lodhi Insults A Saudi Arabian Girl

Recently in Sahir Lodhi’s show a girl from Saudi Arabia was among the guests. She is an actor a model a singer and more over she is also interested in poetry. Above of all she is in love with herself. Everybody loves his or herself but she is over obsessed with her own self. The guests and even Sahir Lodhi were amazed by the confidence rather over confidence of this girl and she was not being embarassed of it. She still talked and talked. Sahir Lodhi asked her to recite any poem or ghazal that she had written herself. She again started babbling that she has been to many shows and she has recited lots of ghazals so this time she will recite something different. It was very hard for all the guests and Sahir Lodhi to control his laughter. She then started her ghazal and the whole ghazal was about her own beauty which is why they started laughing and couldnt control. The girl still didnt feel insulted even when she was being insulted publicly. Watch for yourself and comment.


Written by: Moomal Hassan.

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