Salma Openly Talks About her Divorce with Azfar – Exclusive Video

Salma and Azfar’s divorce and Azfar’s marriage with Naveen was one of the most controversial happening of the past year. The fans refused to accept this marriage and saw Salma as the victim in this whole affair. Azfar and Naveen also confessed in their interview that the public backlash was so severe that it took them a year to come out in the public openly.

This was the first time that Salma talked about her divorce with Azfar and his marriage to Naveen when she was invited as a guest in Nida Yasir’s Morning Show. Salma said that she started feeling that Azfar had changed long before he told her that he was going to get married to Naveen. Salma said that she never knew when the marriage was taking place and only found out about it from other people.

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  • sidra

    your favorte acter 1 sanam jung 2 sanam baloch 3 sanam seaad 4 sanam choderi

  • Mankind

    These morning show host are real bitch,,How she is enjoying the

    • Neena

      Agree.. She is really enjoying nD I thnk salma should not tell his personal mtr infront of whole world

  • Jack Mike

    heheheh she looks happy looks like there more truth than that