Sanam Baloch Smoking Scene Gone Viral on Internet

In this video there is a clipping of a television show on TV One. In this show Sanam Baloch is seen smoking in real. She has always been seen in nicer roles in almost all of her dramas. Her fans and viewers never expected that she would be seen on television smoking in a dance party. That smoking clip was not edited. It was original and she breathed out smoke in reality. My impression for the girl next door version of Sanam Baloch got all messed up. Her expression and the way she smoked was very real. I couldn’t tell if she acted or smoked in reality. There is another perspective as well which says that she is an actress and she can do anything for a role but the thing is that a person cannot forget their moral values and virtues just for the sake of being famous. Watch the video i am sure your perspective would be changed.

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  • owais

    i dislike it

  • Attiq Ur Rehman

    Oh my God…..! is that really sanam baloch.? Yar at least shadi shuda hone ka lehaz kr leti ya wo so called Ramzan show jo aj kal kar ri hai Ramzan k liye.

    • Aiman S

      why are you guys so stupid? Kisi dramay ka scene hai bhai! Also, even if she was smoking in real, its not haraam and guys do this every day.

      • Attiq Ur Rehman

        According to Shraiya jis chez se ap khud ko nuqsan main dalo wo haram hai. And smoking k kya kay nuqsanat ha i think all you better know. Aur if you dont know then please check Dr. Zakir Nayyak fatwa about smoking.

  • Ayaan javed

    Aiman aap paagal to nhi hogai h smoking haraam h anyways ye h in k assli roop……..!!!

  • Aiman S

    Ayaan! smoking kahan se haraam hai????! Are you saying Pakistan main 99% larkey har roz ye haraam kaam kertay hain?

  • Maryam Raja

    She did not inhale it, this is only a requirement of the role. And yes smoking is not haraam in Islam.
    If you go in Pakistani villages most women smoke huqqa.

  • Vicky

    it’s a scene in a drama and i must say that SB is a good performer who does her role with all energy and dedication. She is a versatile actress dont give it negative sense guys. The examples of her most hit serials like Durre shahwar, Daastaan are in front of us.

  • Maryam Raja

    Yes Vicky I agree with you. I don’t understand why people take these actions so personally.

  • sidra

    Any type of intoxicant is HARAM be it smoking or anything.
    and you all ignorant people kuch kehnay say pehli apna deen pori tarah samjh lain phir kuch bolain.I cannot believe you people saying its not haram are you in your senses.SHAME ON YOU ALL.

    • IcyFlame

      I’m Agree Wid U.. SmOking Is Haram………

  • Bilal

    You guys are arguing about smoking? My main concern is that now a days our dramas are showing clubbing ,drunk youth .dancing ,vulgar languages , western style dresses and so many others things
    As days are passing , we are forgetting our decent culture and religion and happily adopting western or Indian culture.
    Media is playing an important role here , they are promoting such things. We must stop them or ask government to take such actions.

    Are we living in Islamic republic of Pakistan or just republic of Pakistan?

  • Ayaan javed

    Koi bhi nashey ki cheez haram Hi kehlati h or agar 99% log smokng krtey h to wo gunehgaar h aiman I THINK U R NOT IN YOUR SENSES log haram ko bhi hala bnadetey h had hogai

  • Guest 40

    Its a very old clip but leaked recently, Sanam has not done any drama after becoming ARY News MS host and no any drama of her is airing now and look at Danish Taimoor’s look it is that when he entered in industry.

  • Zargey

    C’mon it is from a drama ….. What does drama mean??? She is an actress ….and I must say she looks gorgeous even though I do not like watching people who smoke ….

  • farrukh

    who dont knw now that all media is paid…jews..and american funded