Sanam Marvi Abuses A Man Live On Air

Sanam Marvi a very famous sufi singer. She has gained immense popularity in very less time. She is also called the second Abida Parveen these days. Her every song is a huge hit and she is now in the hearts of many people. Sanam Marvi has a very calm and cool personality but in this video a very different side of her life is seen. She directly abuses a man live on air. I am not sure about what they are talking about but this is for sure that they are fighting on something and the man is guilty. What so ever it is, a national celebrity is not supposed to be this much arrogant specially on air. The word she used was definitely not acceptable. Her fans would not like this video but it is very important to show her real face to them. I was shocked to see the video. Even her dressing was also not appropriate, she was completely out of form. Her make up, her hair, her dressing and then her arrogant tone was totally not expected. Watch the video and see what happened.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.