See What Sanam Jung’s Husband Did With Sanam During Pregnancy ??

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  • Hassan

    itna kuch share kar lia now please share how did you get pregnant , comon please get a life atleast think about ur religion and culture what is this is everything publicity or money stay home eat and take care of ur health instead of showing off ur belly pregnancy and stupid non islamic baby shower parties
    please media stop being to unreasonable in every part of life

    • shabs

      Read your first sentence- Hassan! I think you sound disgusting. There is nothing wrong with pregnant women leaving their house and showing their belly. It is nothing to be embarrassed about or hide. I think your forgetting the religion by writing “How did you get pregnant”!

      • Life is Misused !

        Listen ! dont teach me manners and how to behave on what !!!! orite
        What is the media showing us all our generation youth females what are they learning about all this so called ” channels are doing for rating ” I know 100% I have used a word which is more than disgusting but what in hell is this lady doing here if she is pregnant well nice may Allah grant her a healthy child Aameen , but what is the point of making halalalalala im pregnant look my belly is coming out look im getting fat and showing off channel making their points for ” RATING” and designer showing off their dresses ask about your mother what was her activity in her youth spending all time in morning shows they are the great mother who produced people like you
        what will this generation produce ” a child who is born on TV ”
        comon i know i sound stupid but you have to believe this is all about taking you guys away from religion away from your culture your values ….. sometimes you have to use wrong words for rite purpose im not a philosophy guy or an english teacher . just saying please please our ladies our sisters our mothers of the next generation look and think you have our future in your hands…..
        if still dont understand leme know I will delete the post and Allah bless you ! keep on watching
        for ” R A T I N G ” and have fun also show your children to do this when they grow up ! ! !