Shan Commercial Gone Viral in Pakistan – Must watch

An outstanding commercial by Shan Masala has gone viral on the social media as well as on the television channels these days. This commercial is perfect in all ways. Firstly the timing at which it has been on aired is perfect; the commercial is based on ramzan and eid. Secondly the story boarding and the idea behind the commercial is also unique and emotional. Usually emotional commercials grab the attention of the audience and people connect with it. The story of the advertisement is very touchy and audience can easily relate to it. Thirdly the acting of the actors and the use of Shan Masala was wonderful. The way the two actors acted was just according to the need of the role. In short i loved the advertisement and this is the only reason why it has gone viral. Shan is always known for its wonderful advertisements and that is why their sale also increases day by day. Watch the commercial and remember your loved ones who are living far away from you and due to some reason can not join you for the Eid festivities.



Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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  • {}…MUNNA…BHAI…{}

    bohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat zbrdst superb

  • Memoona Awan

    In which city is the add shot????

    • mariafawad

      San Francisco California

      • Memoona Awan

        thanks 🙂

  • Aiza Khan

    awsome 🙂

    • Hamid Ali ( aLoNe BuT hApPy )

      like me hana ?

  • Shoaib Mughal


  • “Fariha”


    • Hamid Ali ( aLoNe BuT hApPy )

      like me na ??

      • “Fariha”

        aap is mai kahan thay bhai jaan ??

        • Hamid Ali ( aLoNe BuT hApPy )

          dill ki negahon say deakho pagli hahahaha

          • “Fariha”

            dil ki ankhon ki eyeside kharaab hai bhai jaan……. 😛

          • Hamid Ali ( aLoNe BuT hApPy )

            hahhaha koi hall ni mari sis ka 😉

          • “Fariha”

            han g….

          • Hamid Ali ( aLoNe BuT hApPy )

            bongi jo ho 😉

          • “Fariha”

            nai g….i am not bongi

    • amna shahid


  • fatima

    i love this add

  • Aleena N.

    Sweet Brother…….

    • Hamid Ali ( aLoNe BuT hApPy )

      like me na ?

  • umm maryam

    Mujhay bhi rola diya 🙁

    • Hamid Ali ( aLoNe BuT hApPy )

      ni rona ni mara sona b happy

  • ishu

    very very nice , pardesioyon ki dil ki awaz

    • Hamid Ali ( aLoNe BuT hApPy )

      really ?

  • MM

    i didn’t like it. too much drama. less practical.

    • soha

      kabhi apni maa so dor ho gay to pata lagay ga

      • MM

        i already live in another country. and i miss and love my mama more than this drama bazi.

  • muzna malik


  • wania

    very fantastic and heart touching ….kasm say rula he dia

  • mehak

    amazing heart touching..

    • Hamid Ali ( aLoNe BuT hApPy )


  • Mani G Ali

    is comersial nay mujhy mari maa ke yad dela de hy q kay aj wo maray sath ni hy jb b is comercial ko dakhta hn to EYES MY TEARS AA JATAY HAY REAKLLY HEART TUCHING ….

  • Hamid Ali ( aLoNe BuT hApPy )


  • Adeel Ashraf Cheema

    Its Lisbon Portugal….it has same bridge like san fransisco california. the name of this bridge is 25 April. anyhow this really very heart touching commercial…..

  • sana ijaz

    heart touching ..awesome ..fantastic job allaaaa

  • Honey butt

    Awesome heart touching

  • Hina Shah

    Omg… Tearing … Best add ever … Heart touching ..

  • Syed Nidawar Abbas Naqvi

    Heart Touching add Fantastic meri yeah 2nd Eid hai ghar walo kay baghir or waqai asa he feel hota hai jub apno say hum is tarah say door hutay hai I Miss You my family love you

  • Hina Naz

    supprb song

  • Aliha Qureshi

    Tell me real name of umair and his brother ?

    • Sara

      yr muje b bra craze h name janne ka.has kr k bre bhy ka

  • Hasnain Yaqub

    When we are in Pakisatan we say “Yaar zalalat hai yaha bus”.. but when we come abroad we feel the real pain of what is our Pakistan… what is family… what is freedom!!!

  • Sara

    yr kea kmal ki acting ki h sb actrz ne.wese bra bhy zeada quit th

  • Far Rukh

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