Sharmila Farouqui Describes Her Mehndi’s Entry

Sharmila Farouqui is a very well known Pakistani politician. Recently she got married and it was a very amazing, traditional and a very long wedding. It consisted of around 15 events including official and unofficial events. In a morning show, Sharmila Farouqui was invited as a guest. She was asked a question that arises in everyone’s mind that why did she made her entry so different in her mehndi. She arrived sitting on a horse. She answered that it was always her wish to be different then the normal doli and dupatta entry. She said that she had to face a lot of criticism when she told her wish to enter on a horse but then everyone agreed eventually. She also said that her wedding was a complete Pakistani wedding. She showed Sindh’s culture and Pakistanis proper culture in all the events of her marriage which she believes is a positive approach.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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