Shocking CCTV Footage Husband Got of His Wife


It is for sure not an entertaining clip but we just intend to share what is happening all over the world. See what was caught on the CCTV footage by a husband for his wife. A must to watch clip. Please also share your views about it.

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  • Aina Mir

    Koi kis tarha kisi k sath aysa kar sakta hai?kia kia ho raha hai is duniya main

  • Rooma Mansoor

    insanity at its peak ….

  • Hamna Atif

    who is she hitting?

    • I think it may be her child. This is disturbing.

  • Aysha Sahar

    I think she is her mother in law or maid.

  • Aysha Sahar

    Can anyone tell this video belongs to which country? Pakistan or India..i tried to search but in vain. and what happened to this culprit after watching the video