Syra Shahroz Amazing Dubsmash Video

Dubsmash is very popular these days. Every other person is trying out this whole new amazing application. Even celebrities are also using it and its going all viral on social media. The most difficult bollywood dubsmash these days is of Kangana Ranaut from the film Tanu Weds Manu Returns. Many people have tried it but the proper expression and the excitement has always been missing but this time Syra Shahroz who belongs to a celebrity family has given a try to it and i must appreciate that she has done it quite well. This dialogue requires large practice, amazing expressions and good energy. She gave it all at one time. Apart from other celebrities who have made dubsmash videos with full makeup on and heavy jewellery, she made it in a very simple way. Watch the video yourself and give your views below because they are valued.



Written By: Moomal Hassan

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