The Positive Pakistan according to Indians

This video gives us an opportunity of knowing what people across the border think about us “the Pakistani people”. In this video we can see how much Indians love and are obsessed from our motherland. There has always been an image that Pakistan is not a good country and it is a terrorist state but after watching this video the perception would definitely change. Our country’s cultural diversities, Music community, Our TV dramas, Our cricket etc.. inspires them a lot. There is an impression in the whole world that India and Pakistan are the worst enemies but its only limited up to the government levels, other wise both country’s people love each other a lot and also give respect to each other. The most demanded thing among people of both countries is “PEACE” but In my opinion there are some elements and religious constrains that do not let both the countries live in peace. Still we should not forget hoping for the best as there is a saying “HOPE FOR THE BEST YOU WILL GET BETTER”. This video also promotes the love for Pakistan in our eyes as well because we have forgotten to love our country and after seeing this video we know that there are a lot of positive things about Pakistan that we should be proud of.


Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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