This Pakistani Student Made A Request To His Teacher That She Just Could Not Refuse

Since time immemorial every Pakistani student, like students around the world, has tried to trick their teachers. Pranks have been played and offers have been put on the table. But teachers, being teachers, obviously, have always been one step ahead of their students. But today, finally, this one Pakistani student has found the perfect answer to make his teacher do whatever he wants to do.
Meet Sohail Ahmed, the student
Sohail is a Space Science student at the Institute of Space Technology in Islamabad. He is a gifted student, in more ways than one.


This is Zainab Saleem, the teacher
Zainab teaches Space Flight Dynamics at The Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad.


And here’s the story of the request that Sohail made and Zainab couldn’t refuse
One fine day, Zainab came to class, thinking she’ll have an ordinary lecture. She planned to teach and get done with her day. But Sohail and his classmates had other plans in mind.
The students weren’t in the mood to study so they decided to ask for the teacher not to teach that day, but they decided to try a new way, employing Sohail’s gifted voice.

Here’s what happened:

Zainab, of course, let her class be let go without teaching anything that day because who can refuse such a beautifully sung request?
For anyone thinking of the original song that Sohail chose to modify, here you go:
Written by Pakistani poet Fayyaz Hashmi, Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo, is most famously associated with Farida Khanum who has sung the song numerous times in love concerts and on TV. Originally, though, this song was sung by Habib Wali Mohammad for the Pakistani movie ‘Badal Aur Bijli‘ in 1973.

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